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About Plumbers

Most of us don't even consider plumbing until it's not working, but we certainly know about it when a toilet backs up or the drains are blocked. The skills and knowledge of a plumber are extensive. They complete an intense education and traineeship for a thorough understanding across a wide range of services that we often take for granted. 

Always ensure that you employ the services of a licensed plumber. There are strict requirements to ensure high standards are met and maintained. These quality levels are ensured so that there is a safe supply of drinking water and no associated risk of contamination from backflow or an ineffective disposal of waste. Furthermore, it is important for effective product warranties and guarantees that work undertaken is completed by an authorised contractor.

The role of a plumber is often broken down in to the following main areas:

  • Water supply
    Expertise in all facets of hot and cold water connections for drinking and non drinking water from a tank or mains, and may be in the home, office, caravan or boat.
  • Gas fitting
    Includes any installation or maintenance of pipes, flues and apparatus related to gas connections
  • Sanitary
    Specialists for connection, service and testing for all toilet and sanitary removal systems.
  • Roofing/stormwater
    All roof systems connected for the collection and disposal of stormwater drainage.
  • Drainage
    Includes constructions, replacement, repair and testing to below ground water and sewerage systems.
  • Mechanical services
    Includes any construction, installation, service and testing around heating, cooling and ventilation mechanical systems.
  • Fire protection
    Includes installations and connections to fire hydrants and other fire fighting water systems.
  • Irrigation (non agricultural)
    Assisting with all areas around irrigation and watering system connections and testing.

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